Type : Can
Gross Weight : 750 g.
Packaging : 24 Cans/Carton
Carton Size : 32x42x24 Cm.


Type : Galllon
Gross Weight : 3 Kg.
Packaging : 6 Gallons/Carton
Carton Size : 33x34x30 Cm.


Type : Galllon
Gross Weight : 3 Kg.
Packaging : 6 Gallons/Carton
Carton Size : 41.5x41.5x23.5 Cm.


Type : Galllon
Gross Weight : 15 Km.
Packaging : 21x35x39 Cm.

Type : Tin
Gross Weight : 15 Kg.
Packaging : 24x24x35 Cm.

Type : Drum
Gross Weight : 180 Kg.
Packaging : 58.5x90 Cm.


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   Acme Chem Tech Co., Ltd., is Adhesives and Primers manufacturer which is well-known under the trde name so called "ACT". At present, "ACT" products are widely accepted by many leading manufacturers in various industries, such as shoes, leather, plastic, textile and furniture etc. In addition, the company realizes the continuation of research and edevelopment in order to services our customers to obtain required products at all times.

   According to the industrial expansion, the needs of chemical products are rapily increased especially adhesive products. Thus, Acme Chem Tech Co., Ltd. was established to respond the customer needs in all kind of industries.

   Acme Chem Tech Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of quality and standard of our products. Therefor, the company monitors closely and carefully over productsion process and quality control in every step and also selections of quality raw materials before hands to ensure the highest quality of "ACT" products.

   Acme Chem Tech Co., Ltd. always greatly awares of after-selling servies and provideing information on appropriated products together with technical assistance. Customers are welcomed to contact us for development of new products to achieve your requirements.  



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