Polychloroprene adhesives : Special characteristics of polychloroprene adhesive are high adhesion strength, good oil and chemical resistance, good weather resistance and durability. This type of adhesive can be used in various industries, such as shoes, leather, furniture and automobile, etc.

Gafted polychloroprene adhesives : These are special copolymer adhesives which are processed by CR/MMA grafting. Special characteristics of grafted polychloroprene adhesive are good adhesion of high-plastictised materials such as PVC and PU, high temperture resistance, high cohesion strength and light colour. This type of adhesive is suitable for various types of shoes and leather industries.

Polyurethane adhesives : Special characteristics of polyurethane adhesive are high adhesion strength in a short period of time, short drying time, good chemical and heat resistance. The adhesive is classified as a high-grade product and is popular in the sport shoes industry, etc.

Primers : Many types of materials are difficult to adhere to, such as PVC, PU, neolite, TPR, etc. Thus, it is necessary to use primers to overcome the difficulty. The primers are special formulated solutions for improving adhesion properties. The important mechanism of primers if to clean and modify chemical properties of material surfaces before applying the adhesives.

Dthers : Other prodrcts, include rubber latax, reinforcing agent, cleaning agent, adhesive thinning agent, hardener, etc.


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