The wide variety of characteristics that are engineered into closed cell EVA/PE foams allow them to meet the requirement of many specific applications.

For overall, it is available in density ranging from 0.08g/cm3 to 0.30g/cm3, width from 90 cms to 130 cms and length from 180 cms to 225 cms, continuous roll is also available.

Although closed cell foams are most commonly used for packaging and cushioning, they are also well-suited to many other applications including flotation, vapor barriers, athletic padding, thermal insulation, toys and specialty consumer items, thermoformed protective covers, carrying cases, and a variety of other uses which require good chemical or water resistance.


EVA Foam has the following characteristics
 Low Compression set Yes!
 High resilience Yes!
 Smooth surface Yes!
 Different sizes & colors Yes!
 Inert to most of the toxic  chemicals and oils Yes!
 Excellent thermal
 Available in laminated,  die-cut, embossed,  thermoformed, skieved and  slitted form Yes!

Sole sheets for slippers and sandals
are available in different densities,colors
and in a wide ranges of designs.