EVA foam product has been used in various kinds of industry:

Shoe industry, such as; sport shoes, casual shoes and insoles.
Sports equipment, such as; surf and body boards, traction pads for Skateboards, Surfboards, Sailboards, Wakeboards, Snowboards, camping equipment, Golf equipment and many other sport applications.
Covering and protection, such as; dumbbells, hand weights, knee pads, helmets, bags and foot strap.
Toy industry, such as; jigsaw puzzles and all kinds of playthings and educational toys.
Promotion and Gift industry, such as: wall decorations, pin boards, book covers, pen and coin holders, beverage coolers, decals, logos, key hangers and etc.
Fishery and boat industry, such as: buoys, flotation devices, anti slip mats and e.t.c.
Packaging, such as: can holders, bottle suits, thermal insulators and insulators used in construction, automobiles, electronic and tool packaging.